We all know how hot February & March can get in Perth. During these months it’s important to take extra care of our gardens without using too much water. We use over 40% of our household water on our gardens, so The Retic Co team have come up with a few tips to help keep your lawns healthy and your gardens happy, efficiently.



First things first, it’s important to know how your different sprinkler types water your garden. Having the right outlets will help maximise the efficiency of your watering system and ensure they are working correctly. It’s also important to check they are running for the right amount of time during the late summer months. We strongly recommend having a single sprinkler type for each station as it reduces the risk of over or under watering your garden and lawns.

The below chart outlines the correct run time for your sprinkler type. If you start to notice dry areas or uneven growth rates, you may need to adjust the alignment and spacing of your sprinklers.



Your retic system should be set to water your lawns on your allocated watering days either before 9am or after 6pm. Depending on your sprinkler type and water pressure your sprinklers may need to be on anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Our team will set your system to the best run time during your installation or retic service.

Aerating your Lawn
It’s especially important to aerate your lawns during summer. The soil in Perth compacts in the summer heat, and there is a possibility of your soil becoming hydrophobic. Aerating is important to maximise the absorption of water in your grass. It is easily done using a metal pitchfork or other similar garden tools, or you can hire an aerator.

Fertiliser and wetting agents
Apply wetting agents and soil improvers at the start of winter and summer. This will help build your lawn through the dormant winter months ahead of spring as well as ensuring your soil retains the moisture in the summer months.  

Mowing your Lawn
We recommend mowing your lawn in the early morning, anywhere between every 1 to 3 weeks. Your mower should be set at a high setting (leaving a longer leaf) to ensure there is enough shade for the soil, avoiding soil compacting or unnecessary evaporation.


When designing or planting your gardens, try and group plants that have similar water requirements. This way you can tailor your retic system to only apply the correct amounts of water, saving our Perth water and keeping your water bills down.

We can’t say enough about the importance of mulch. applying a 5-10mm layer of coarse chunky mulch will help to minimise evaporation and improve the soil.

Waste Water
Although we aren’t suggesting showering with a friend to save on water use, collecting even a little bit of your shower water before it runs down the drain can make a big difference. With a little bit of preparation, you can collect the fresh water as your shower or bath heats up in a bucket and then apply it to your gardens. It is quite surprising how much water runs down the drain. Also aim to keep your shower time to under 2 minutes.

Washing your car on the weekend? ensure it is parked on the grass so the water you use runs back into the garden and not down the street.

The Retic Co