Bore Pump Installation


At The Retic Co, we have a specialist team of contractors to drill and install submersible bore pumps to access groundwater for your garden and and reticulation system needs.


  • Free water for your garden and landscaping needs

  • Add value to your home

  • Share with neighbours to reduce running costs

  • Reduce load on scheme water

  • Exceptional pressure and flow rate

  • 3 x allowed watering days per week


Old bores were constructed with a large concrete well lining, with a noisy above ground pump and large well lid which take up lots of space and look terrible. New bores are installed with ‘submersible pumps’, which sit inside the water table using a 100mm PVC drill hole casing, above ground we can hide the bore head inside a 200mm valve box so it’s neatly hidden from sight and in a convenient location to suit your garden layout.

The price and depth of your new bore depends on your location, our experience along with access to groundwater data allows us to accurately and easily determine the best location and cost of your new water bore.