Spring Start Up


Your garden is waking up for spring, is your reticulation system ready?


We have compiled a list of the best tips and simple checks for you to test your Retic system after the winter break.

Spring is a vital period for your garden. It is a time of revitalisation after the cold winter months and the time for your garden and you to get ready for the hot & dry summer months.


A healthy garden means an easy summer


It’s a matter of organic!

Winter is a great time to add organic matter to the soil; Animal manure, bagged soil improver and soil conditioners are good examples of organic matter. Working these into the top layer of soil will improve its water holding capacity, equipping it to deal with a dry & hot summer. Work the organic matter into the top layer of soil before mulching.


Mulch, mulch and mulch again!

Our plants are essentially 80% water, so giving them some TLC will ensure they are performing at their best during summer. Mulching is one of the best ways to start this process.It improves drought-tolerance as the mulch helps keep the soil moist.


Our 4 step guide to turning on your watering system   

September 1st is the day we can all turn our systems back on to supply our gardens with the water they need to thrive in the spring and survive in the summer. At the Retic Co, we have comprised a simple 4 step checklist to help you carry out the spring start up yourself. It's important to follow the steps in order to ensure your system is functioning correctly or to identify any issues. For help with any issues or to discuss any of the steps, click on the below button. 


step 1

Check your isolation valve or manual valve is turned to the open position. Ensure you allow water to slowly fill the mainline pipes as a surge in water pressure can lead to pipe breakage, water hammers and valve damage.


step 2

At the control box, turn the dial to manual operation and check each station is operating when manually turned on. Online guides for operation of most control boxes can be found online.


step 3

Once you know all stations are turning on, you can inspect the outlets and operation of each station in more detail. Blockages, leaks and damaged heads are some of the issues to look out for. click here for more information on common problems found after the sprinkler ban' 

sun sprinklers .jpg

step 4

Program the control box for your correct watering day to run automatically. Watering days can be found at the link provided below. Ensure your watering start times are set for before 8am or after 6pm.

The Retic Co