Reticulation Services Packages & Deals

Take a look at some of our popular service packages

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Autumn Audit

After a long hot summer your systems will have had a good workout. Have you checked to ensure your pipework and outlets are in working order? Have you noticed a higher than expected water bill? Is your control box set correctly to ensure your garden is receiving the correct amount and at the right time? Answer all these questions with an Autumn Audit - starting from $105.00, get in touch to find out more


Sprinkler and System flush

Blockages are the most common issue we come across, particularly after the Winter sprinkler ban. A valve and sprinkler head flush can reduce the possibility of costly blocked heads, seized popups, valve issues and excess line pressure. Repair your retic with a simple fixed package, allow 1 hour, (approx $140.00 +) for a 1-2 station system and 2-3 hours ($220.00 +) for a systems with 3 or more stations. We'll also do a control box reset and battery replacement. Parts additional as required


Seasonal check. Summer service.

A cost effective and in depth look over your entire system after the winter sprinkler ban. To ensure your system is in full working order before the summer heat arrives, this is a popular once a year option we recommend for all types of system. Includes: Total system flush and outlet inspection, Wiring and coil inspections, Valve Inspections and Control box inspection. Allow for 2+ hours for a 1-2 station system and 3+ hours for a 3 or more station system. It’s not too late in the year so get in touch.


System design. Watering plans and surveys.

Whether you are building, renovating or simply updating your existing retic system, its always a smart idea to get the watering plan done at the start of any landscaping project. This ensures all the necessary allowances and prelays are in place before any build commences. Watering plans, Free with any secured install contract,


Landscaping services

We work hand in hand with landscape construction companies to deliver sustainably water-wise landscapes. A full service design and plan will save you money, time and rework for the future. For an all inclusive reticulation and landscape consultation click on the schedule appointment tab.